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Human Detecting Robot

Apr 30, 2020 Detection of human in appropriate time is very important in such situations. Principle- The main principle of this project is to detect humans using human detection sensor. Materials Required- AT89s51 microcontroller. PIR sensor. RF transmitter and receiver. L293D IC. PC. Robot chassis. Max232 IC

Human Surveillance And Landmine Detecting Robot

The robot also has the capability of detection and diffusion of the fire. Fig 2 Block diagram of Human Surveillance and Landmine Detecting Robot Implementation V. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS A.. Microcontroller Microcontroller is a microprocessor with memory unit 6 .The Microcontrollers that are used in the Main Station and the Robot is ATMEL 89S51.

Project Live Human Detecting Robot Amplifier Capacitor

This project is all about making a robot, which navigates around the disaster areas and tries to find the humans who need help. The robot uses two methods to detect a human, one is using the IR radiation emerging from the live humans and the other is using the sound or cry for help made from the humans. After finding the humans it transmits the location to the mobile.

Robot Based Gas Detecting In Coal Mines Ijeecm

Robot based Gas Detecting in Coal Mines www.ijeecm.org Figure 1. Coal Mine Detection Robot II. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE DETECTED GAS Coal Mine Detection Robot mainly detects mash gas and carbon monoxide. The mash gas is the generic terms of the mixed gas which mainly make up of methane CH4 in the underground of the coal mine

Pdf Human Detecting And Following Mobile Robot Using

To meet the higher requirements of human-machine interface technology, a robot with human-following capability, a classic but significant problem, is discussed in this paper. We first propose a human detection method that uses only a single laser range scanner to detect the waist of the target person. Second, owing to the limited speed of a robot and the potential risk of obstructions, a new ...

Shadowsense Detecting Human Touch In A Social Robot

Dec 17, 2020 In 2017 IEEERSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems IROS, pages 4348--4353. IEEE, 2017. Google Scholar Cross Ref Fernando Alonso-Mart n, Juan Gamboa-Montero, Jos Castillo, lvaro Castro-Gonz lez, and Miguel Salichs. Detecting and classifying human touches in a social robot through acoustic sensing and machine ...

Anxiety Detecting Robotic System Towards Implicit Human

Anxiety detecting robotic system towards implicit human-robot collaboration - Volume 22 Issue 1 - Pramila Rani, Nilanjan Sarkar, Craig A. Smith, Leslie D. Kirby

Robot Based Gas Detecting In Coal Mines Ijeecm

of fire during the exploitation of coal mine. Coal Mine Detection Robot can be substituted or partial substituted for emergency workers to enter the mine shaft disaster site and detect hazardous gas and do some environmental exploration and surveying task. Coal Mine Detection Robot uses infra-red

Hazardous Gas Detecting Rescue Robot In Coal

After taking account of the described issues on coal mine detect and rescue robots, we have developed a robot with belt type transmission in place of wheels, which has 8kg in weight, 1.8 kmh in speed maximum speed, about 4 hours in working time about 2 hours in moving continuously, 35 degrees in climbing slope and at least 1 Km in communication distance. Also it can carry 5 kg food or medicine. Robot

Industrial Gas Leakage Detecting Robot

Industrial Gas Leakage Detecting Robot Abhishek Kumar , Chandrasekhar Sahoo , Kevin Mathew , Harish K ... monetary misfortune and in addition human wounds andor misfortune. In this venture after the spillage of gas is analyzed, the valve is suddenly shut and along these lines ... LPG and coal gas. This sensor can also be used to sense other

Human Detection Robot The Ieee Maker Project

HUMAN DETECTION ROBOT. This project is based upon the disaster prone area i.e. Earthquake etc. It works in such a way that in disaster prone area Robot sense the motion using pir motion sensor and we can make it to go into that direction through Android Smartphone using Bluetooth module and go to target victim and get indication on LCD and also ...

Hazardous Gas Detecting Method Applied In Coal Mine

Jan 07, 2011 Coal Mine Detection Robot can be substituted or partial substituted for emergency workers to enter the mine shaft disaster site and detect hazardous gas and do some environmental exploration and surveying task. Coal Mine Detection Robot uses infra-red spectrum absorption way to detect methane, carbon monoxide and such gas simultaneously.

Human Detection Robotics System Using Arduino Uno

The human body emits thermal radiation at a wavelength of about 10 microns. It is received and manipulated by the PIR sensor to detect human beings. It operates at 5V DC. The motion of the human being can be detected by checking for a sudden change in the surrounding IR patterns.

Detecting Locating And Recognising Human Touches In

There are many situations in our daily life where touch gestures during natural humanhuman interaction take place meeting people shaking hands, personal relationships caresses, moments of celebration or sadness hugs, etc. Considering that robots are expected to form part of our daily life in the future, they should be endowed with the capacity of recognising these touch gestures and ...

A Design Of Human Detection Robot Using Sensors Ijert

Apr 24, 2018 The robot should be tested for its range by placing 5-10ft away from the human and the robot should detect the presence of the human. Hence, the first test will be completed. The second test is checking the boundary conditions by placing the robot at 11ft and 12ft away from the human. It has to detect the presence of human being in both the ...

Human Detection For Robotic Urban Search And Rescue

Human Detection for Robotic Urban Search and Rescue 260204 6 61 Steve Burion 2 STATE OF THE ART IN USAR Currently, search and rescue robotics is a large and active field in both academia and industry. Robots are ideal for when it is dangerous to send in human rescue workers including

Stereo Visionbased Human Tracking For Robotic Follower

Aug 08, 2012 stereo visionbased human detection with human tracking using a modified Kalman filter is presented. Stereo visionbased detection combines features extracted from 2D stereo images with reconstructed 3D object features to detect humans in a robots environment. For

Human Detection Robot Slideshare

Jul 29, 2015 HUMAN DETECTION ROBOT USING PIR SENSOR AND VIDEO LINK SAAD AYUB FAISAL ZIA SAAD SALEEM FAIZAN BUTT SUPERVISOR SIR SHOAIB SCHOOL OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING THE UNIVERSITY OF FAISALBAD 2. ABSTRACT Technological revolution, earnest endeavors in latest high-speed technology and also the advancements in the capabilities of modern

Coal Mine Lpg Detect Remote Control Robot Sasakitsin

LPG Detecting robots play vital role in Natural Gas and LPG based process industries. This robot is controlled by an RF remote. This can be moved forward and reverse direction using geared motors of 60RPM. Also this robot can take sharp turnings towards left and right directions. This project uses AT89S52 MCU as its controller.

Design Of An Adaptive Coal Mine Rescue Robot Using

detection of mine tunnel situation is the first mission to the rescuers. An environment adaptive rescue robot is an ideal tool to handle the coal mine disaster. The robot used in coal mine tunnel must have many special features like flame-proof body parts which are different from other on-ground robots. It

Review Of Smallsized Robot Detecting Air Microorganism

The research on ground reconnaissance robot involves coal mine environment detection, radiation detection, explosive-handling robot, the Marine environment detection, lunar exploration, biochemical detection and other fields2. In face of increasing environmental degradation, air pollution has become a serious threat to the health of residents.

Hazardous Gas Detecting Method Applied In Coal Mine

Jan 07, 2011 Abstract As one of the largest coal production and consumption countries in the world, China is also one of the related accidents occurred frequently countries such as gas explosion, flood, breaking out of fire during the exploitation of coal mine. Coal Mine Detection Robot can be substituted or partial substituted for emergency workers to enter the mine shaft disaster site and detect ...

Detection Of Poisonous Gases Using Mini Robot In Coal

The idea of a Mini Robot to be able to aid the rescue team entering into a coal mine 3. The Robot is used to reach the disaster zone and it is used for rescue and research operations. The robot can go into explosion environment and detect gas content. The robot is designed in

Human Detection Robot Circuit Using 8051 Microcontroller

Oct 27, 2015 Following are the main applications of this Human Detection Robot. Human detection robot can be used at the time of natural calamities to save the lives of human. This can also be used to detect the humans in the war field. This can be used for security purpose in the jewellery shops, museums, etc. Limitations of the Circuit The PIR sensor cannot detect human out of its range.