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2n404 Germanium Pnp Transistor Medium Speed

Germanium PNP Transistor Medium Speed Switch TO5 Type Package Absolute Maximum Ratings ... IB 1mA, IC 24mA 0.4 V. Electrical Characteristics Contd TA 25 C unless otherwise specified Parameter Symbol Test Conditions Min Typ Max Unit High Frequency Characteristics

Nte Electronics Nte160 Pnp Germanium Transistor For

This item NTE Electronics NTE160 PNP Germanium Transistor for RFIF Amplifier, FM Mixer Oscillator, TO-72 Case, 0.01 Amp Collector Current, 20V CollectorEmitter Voltage 7.29 Only 15 left in stock - order soon.

Germanium Transistors Logic Circuits In The Ibm 1401

The wafer-based mesa transistor was invented in 1958, followed by the modern planar transistor in 1959. Thus, transistors were undergoing radical changes in the 1950s and IBM introduced new logic families to take advantage of these new transistor types. Conclusion. Diode-transistor logic was a key part of IBMs early computers such as the IBM 1401.

Nte Electronics Nte160 Pnp Germanium Transistor For Rfif

The NTE160 is a germanium mesa PNP transistor in a TO72 metal case designed for use as a preamplifier mixer and oscillator up to 900MHz.

Ac187 Germanium Npn Transistor 2a 0225w To1 Ebay

About item AC187, GERMANIUM, NPN, TRANSISTOR. Type Designator AC187. Material of Transistor Ge. Polarity NPN. Maximum Collector Power Dissipation Pc 0.225 W. Maximum Collector-Base Voltage Vcb 25 V. Maximum Collector-Emitter Voltage Vce 15 V. Maximum Emitter-Base Voltage Veb 10 V. Maximum Collector Current Ic max 2 A. Max.

Nte102 Pnp Amp Nte103 Npn Germanium

Germanium Complementary Transistors ... IE 0 25 V EmitterBase Breakdown Voltage VBREBO IE 20 A, IC 0 12 V PunchThrough Voltage VPT VEBfl 1V, Note 1 24 V Collector Cutoff Current ICBO VCB 12V, IE 0 0.8 5.0 A VCB 12V, IE 0, TA 80 C 20 90 A

Germanium Vs Silicon Transistors Robert Keeley

Sep 11, 2013 Germanium is a chemical element with symbol Ge and atomic number 32, thats used as a semiconductor in transistors and diodes, popping up in a few classic effects like the early period Arbiter Fuzz Face, the storied Dallas Rangemaster and the Maestro Fuzz-Tone. Subjectively the sound of Germanium offers a smoother, more-ear pleasing ...

Germanium Transistor Etsy

25x Germanium Transistors 106NU70 TESLA Gold Ge NPN 30V 10mA 125mW Fuzz Face Pedal Metal Case Military Steampunk Art Project AC127 2SD128. LCIelectronics. 5 out of 5 stars. 100 49.99. Only 1 available and its in 1 persons cart. Favorite. Add to.

Circuit Analysis Vintage Germanium Transistors How Does

Feb 26, 2021 In normal operation, with the transistor on, the base-emitter voltage of a bipolar junction transistor is about one diode drop. Thats 0.7V for a small-signal silicon transistor it can be more if the things carrying huge currents, and about 0.3V for a small-signal germanium transistor.

Germanium Transistors Russian Small Bear Electronics

Germanium Transistor Russian GT404B. 2.95. Add To Cart. 4. Germanium Transistor Russian GT308B. 2.95. Out of stock. 5. Transistor Pair - The Russian Bear, PNP Fuzz Face.

Replacing Germanium Transistors Antique Radio Forums

Apr 03, 2018 Additionally, Germanium transistors usually didnt have as much gain as was neededwanted, leading to circuit design decisions that would be considered really bad today. Germanium circuits are often overly sensitive to Hfebeta by modern standards. If you are going to mess around with Germanium, build a test fixture like this one.

Search Results For Germanium Transistor Rf Bipolar

germanium transistor RF Bipolar Transistors are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, amp datasheets for germanium transistor RF Bipolar Transistors.

Germanium Transistors Transistors Semiconductors

Germanium Transistors. Products. Sort by Product Price Default Sales. per page AC122. Ge-Transistor PNP 30V 0,2A ... AC125. Ge-Transistor PNP 32V 0.2A TO1. 1,55. including VAT 19 , plus shipping Qty. Add to cart. Add to wish list. AC127. Ge-Transistor NPN 32V 500mA 340mW TO1. 3,52. including VAT ...

Identification Germanium Transistor Electrical

Apr 17, 2020 The one with the higher voltage drop will correspond with the emitter of the transistor. figuring out collector from emitter is a bit harder. You can do it with two 9-volt batteries and a 3.3K resistor if you hook them all in series with a transistor, in one of the configurations the transistors EB junction will zener at around 6 to 15 volts.

Germanium Transistors Electronics Forum Circuits

Mar 16, 2021 Mar 15, 2021. 8. Compared to silicon devices, germanium ones have a lower forward voltage and a softer knee, the roundness of the onset of forward conduction. Both of these are desirable characteristics for a guitar effects pedal. The lower forward voltage and saturation voltage in a power transistor means less power dissipation.

Germanium Transistors

Nov 07, 2007 Its so cool - you dont even have to know the pinout of the device your testing, just hook it up and it tells you the pinout as well as all the other necessary info. Good transistors for Fuzz and Booster are Russian MP20 and MP21 Germanium PNP the GT311 is Germanium NPN. I use these transistors for Booster Clones.

Replace Germanium Transistors With Silicon Pnp Ones

Mar 31, 2021 Silicon transistors started replacing germanium but I guess not quick enough for that article. As mentioned, you want to use the PNP version like a 2n3907. And keep in mind that while they work in similar manners, germanium diodes have a forward voltage of 0.20.4 volts on average, while silicon will have 0.6 to 0.8 volts.

Transistors Russian Germanium Transistors

Assorted Russian Germanium Transistors. Lot of 100 DESCRIPTION 100 assorted Russian transistors. Mostly Germanium p-n-p. Leads of some transistors may be shortened. Collected from different sources over many years. Being sold as is. PAYMENT. SHIPPING Worldwide by Registered Priority Mail- 10.00.

Transistors Germanium Transistors Nte Electronics

Germanium Transistor Selection Guide. The development of the germanium transistor in 1948 opened the door to countless applications of solid state electronics. From 1950 through the early 1970s, this area provided an increasing market for germanium, but then high-purity silicon began replacing germanium in transistors, diodes, and rectifiers.

Germanium Transistors Page 1 Small Bear Electronics

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Early Power Transistor Evolution Part 1 Germanium

Aug 23, 2012 Germanium was the first semiconducting material widely adopted for transistors, power and otherwise. One early power transistor I came across was the 2N174, shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 2N174 Power Transistor. Following are some key maximum ratings on the 2N174 power transistor

Germanium Can Take Transistors Where Silicon Cant

0.35 eV Electron mobility at 300 kelvins 1,350 ... a transistor with a germanium channel could require as little as a quarter of the energy that a silicon-channeled transistor needs to switch ...

Vintage Ac187 Npn 15v 1a To1 Germanium Transistor

Jan 31, 2021 NTE Electronics NTE103A NPN Germanium Complementary Transistor for Medium Power Amplifier, TO1 Case, 1A Collector Current, 32V Collector-Base Voltage 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 10.85

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